First, choose your products,
Then, create that beautiful foundation!

Camper foundation

What I did

For the floor, I decided to buy great quality vinyl which has a thick protection layer. Then I needed to cut the vinyl to size and stick it on the floor with double-sided adhesive tape. Both were pretty easy to do.

For the walls, I reused the paneling that was already in my van because they fit perfectly. I wanted a bright color so I decided to paint them light blue.

Camper foundation floor and walls

Lastly for the ceiling, I first wanted to use pine slats for example. In the end, I decided to use the bamboo that I had also bought for the kitchen and bench. However, deciding what kind of wood to use was the easy step. Figuring out how to put the bamboo on the ceiling is something else. Because I have the pop-up roof it wasn’t as easy as I had seen on many youtube videos. The celing obviously is not perfectly strait so we had to find to secure it on the ceiling. Eventually, my mom and I figured it out! We made these little cubes that have a slight tilt at the bottom so that the bamboo planks fit perfectly. We glued the little cubes to the van, then we used glue and screwes to put the bamboo in place.

Camper foundation ceiling
Camper foundation ceiling
Camper foundation ceiling

What I've learned

Enjoy the easy steps. Doing the floor, walls, and ceiling are one of the simpler parts of the whole conversion build. Or at least in my case. So enjoy! After this step it started to look  more like a tiny home than a van which gave me the motivation to keep on going!