Step 7 - Insulation

There are two types of isolation that you will have to consider: thermal and acoustic insulation. First of all thermal, what kind of temperatures will you face? Are you going to the mountains or to the beach?

  • There are a lot of options when it comes to thermal insulation. Reflectics, spray foam, armaflex, sheep wool etc. Spray foam is cheap and works well but it gets messy quickly. Reflexive is easy to work with but you have to make sure you apply it the correct way otherwise there is no use. Armaflex is light and and easy to use. Sheep wool is more expensive but has a great r value and is a natural product. You want to keep the humidity low so it doesn’t create rust and other unpleasant things.
  • Dutchies: you can find Armaflex on amazon, but also on marktplaats. For sheep wool the webshop has multiple good options.
  • Keeping a small space between the van and the insulation creates an extra layer, thus better insulation (same thing as double windows)

Second, sound deadening is your friend! When you are driving you still want to be able to enjoy the ride, listen to some music or talk with your travel buddy. This will definitely help. 

  • You don’t always need sound deadening. It depends on the type of insulation you choose. So read the key elements of your insulation of choice carefully.