Recommendations March 2021: these are products/art I discovered or rediscovered this month. Hopefully this will give you new inspiration for your next month!

My new van!

After looking at some many vans online and driving a couple, I finally bought my own van on Saturday 27th. That day I was very excited but I also felt a bit weird, like am I really going to do this… I am very happy I did and the last couple of days have been fun getting started on the conversion.

Camper Guide step by step
ME camper



I bought this book, ‘Lieve’ from Ronald Giphart, a while ago, because my dad said that this author was really good. After keeping this on the backburner and reading other books, I finally read it this month. He was right! The storyline was fun and new for me. It is all about the film industry and everything that comes with relationships.

Bum Bag

I grabbed my eastpak bum bag a lot this month: looking at vans, going to a friend’s house, or now when converting the van. It is so easy to bring the most important things like your phone, house or car keys with you without having your hands or pockets full.


Scorpion! I LOVE this serie. I already watched it a couple of years ago, but started watching it again this month and it is just a great show. The actors are good, it is funny, there is action, and you get a bit smarter after watching each episode. What else do you want!


  1. Mariah Alice: she has been living in a van for almost a year now I think and talks about how she has been experiencing these new situations. Peaceful videos with honest and fun talks about her life living in a van.  
  2. Backpacking Bananas. Normally she backpacks around the world, but the last couple of months she was discovering Mexico. One day I’m going there as well and learn some Spanish. She has beautiful and cinematic videos, always fun the watch. 


Recommendation Stroopwafel

I was in Dordrecht last weekend and there they have the best fresh stroopwafels. So after I bought my van I celebrated with a nice stroopwafel! mmm