Recommendations February 2021: these are products/art I discovered or rediscovered this month. Hopefully this will give you new inspiration for your next month!




This month I only read one book: sapiens from Yuval Noah Harari. It i s a very interesting book which gives you a perspective on how you can look at life, us as home sapiens, and how we got here. It is an informative book written in a fun and easy to understand way: it doesn’t feel you are reading an academic book. If you want to learn more about our history, I would definitely recommend!


I have just started watching the Harry Potter series, but I am probably one of the only people that hasn’t seen those films haha. Another film that I watched and really like was Begin Again. The main element of the film is music, which is almost always a plus for me. It also has elements of comedy, romance, and family.


I have never been someone that uses any skincare products. My skin has always been okay and so I’ve never felt the ned to buy and try any products. However, somehow this month something switched in my brain and I realised that even though my skin is good right now it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t take care of my skin. Taking preventive measures is always better than recovery! So, I started watching Hyram on youtube, who I’d heard about before. I like his videos and his personality! He gives information about skincare (products) in a fun way. After watching many of his video’s, I purchased two of the products he recommended a lot at the beginning of this month. Until now, I really like them! The products are: CeraVe SA smoothing cleanser and Paula’s Choice 2% PHA exfoliant.


Tip. He also mentions that sunscreen is the most important step in skincare! So I’m planning on buying a sunscreen specifically made for the face when it gets sunnier here in the Netherlands.


  1. For the Dutchies. I’ve been into politics for the last couple of weeks, watching a lot of video’s on the channel: Politieke Videos. They show fun, crazy, sad, diffilcult parts of political debates. It is good to know how it works and how each party represents themselves. My plan this year is to go to The Hague and see one of the open debates live! Besides, the elections are coming on march 17th, soo vote!
  2. Isabel Paige. She is an admiring person doing her own thing. She build her own tiny house and is living crazy winter adventures right now. The videos itself are beautiful and she uses great music. 
  3. Elena Taber. She lives in New York, which is already pretty cool. She takes you to different areas in New York and shows different apartments. You can see that she took her time filming and editing these. Also, some of her last couple of video’s have been about finance, which I find interesting and it is cool to see more women talking about this subject.