Recommendations April 2021: these are products/art I discovered or rediscovered this month. Hopefully this will give you new inspiration for your next month!


Book: The Book Thief

5 stars for me! It follows a little girl growing up in Germany around the time of WWII. The little girl at the start is not able to read. The book starts by her stealing a book and slowly she starts to love words and reading. And of course steals more books. The book is narrated from Death’s perspective, which makes it unique compared to other books. The story is simpel, fun, beautiful and sad. 

Recommendations The Book Thief

Oner Active Lounge

Recommendation Oner Active Lounge

I love love love my new lounge set. I haven’t bought any new joggings for a couple of years now, so when Oner Active came out with these I knew I needed to get my some for myself! And I don’t regret buying them. The material is soft, it is great quality, and the colours are beautiful! If you are looking for some new lounge wear, go look at Oner Active. They also have really nice workout sets if you are looking for that 🙂


  1. SuitsI started watching this serie at least 5 years ago. With its ups and downs. The first couple of seasons were really good. Then (i think it was) season 5 came and that wasn’t very good. And now I am hooked again. I like the characters, the drama, the sneakiness, but also the story of their friendship and relationships. 
  2. The Bold Type: if you want to watch something fun and light hearted, this is the serie for you! It’s about three girls and their friendships, their lives in New York, and working together at a popular women’s magazine.
If you want a new serie to binge then these two are both great options!


  1. Damon Dominique: Paris and the french language and culture. As well as fun and thought provoking ‘red talks’ about all things life related. Every video will make you laugh!
  2. Nathaniel Drew: he talks about many subjects, but the ones that I really liked were about language, travel and self improvement. 


Recommendations Creative Card

My mom is into making these creative cards and this time I was the lucky one! If you want one of these beautiful cards as well, just place your order here 🙂

She told me that her first moment of inspiration was the picture of me holding a present. This picture was taken in Paris when we used to live there. Plus, one of my goals is to work for the Recherche. So she used the same picture of me multiple times, every time only seeing parts of my face as if to investigate who the criminal is. Lastly, the girl falling from the Eiffel tower represents a mindset of ‘it is better to fall than to have never flown’.