Hallo, Bonjour,

How it this new lifestyle came into my life. It started on my roadtrip in Norway, a country in which the weather is some times very beautiful and sometimes pretty ugly. Luckily I knew this before I left and thought of downloading some documentaries on one of the known platforms. Most of them were about the world we live in and the nature and cultures that are still present. This got me thinking more and more about my lifestyle and what I could change to at least somehow help this world we live in. My goal become to eat as much plant-based as I could for the next month.

That week I also planned a trip to Paris with a good friend. We went by train! It was a really great experience and would really recommend. However, I also realized that eating this was a difficult start to my plant based journey. I would be too strict, because I wanted it to be an easy and fun trip with no stress. My goal was to at leasts try out the vegan breakfast/lunch places. And Paris apparently has some good options! We found some really nice vegan baguettes, croissants and pastries.

Back home, I was looking for a couple of new clothing pieces. I don’t really like shopping so I almost always buy online. The last time I had bought something at NAKD because they have a program: “free climate compensated delivery”. I don’t think there are many brands at this moment completely sustainable, but taking steps and continuing to improve is more than most companies are doing right now unfortunately. It got me thinking about what companies and organizations are doing right now to become more climate friendly. A couple of weeks later the news came from Patagonia (love them) that they sold their company shares to climate focused organizations. Pretty cool.

Time to look into and learn more about the circular economy concept I would say!

See you next week 🙂

Groet, Maartje