Last time I left of saying I wanted to learn more about different sustainability within companies. While playing devils advocate: are they really sustainable or is it more green washing? Saying that you are as brand a brand are advocating for sustainability is obviously not the same as actually having a lower impact on this earth.

The last couple of weeks I figured out which products I would use (almost) daily and looked online if I could find a more sustainable option. Clothing, food, skin-care, make-up, deodorant. For all of these sustainable options exist. So the question is why don’t I use those.. Is it money, laziness or is something else. Either way I couldn’t find a good reason why I shouldn’t try to find more sustainable options for the products that I often use.

One low impact brand I was already using is called selfless by hyram. It is a skincare brand that tries to obviously use good products for your skin, but they are also earth conscious products. The products are amazing, I’ve already influenced my roommate in buying some products as well. But their impact is just as amazing. They have written in impact report that you can find on their website. I would say look them up if you are looking for some new low impact skincare products, I love it!

Anther brand that I’ve found is We Are Wild. This is a natural deodorant that is effective, creates no waste, is vegan and cruelty free and is delivered in a small package to your house! So it is super easy and from experience: it works great! Plus it looks way nicer than other deodorants.

I also bought some clean soap from marcel’s soap and some more conscious toilet, dishwasher and washing products. All good experiences for now and not more expensive than the products I would normally buy. All positive!

Nevertheless, it can be a difficult proces, because what actually results in a lower impact? I’m still figuring it out. An app that can be useful is Good On You. You can search for a brand and they tell you for various factors is the brand is sustainable.

Have a nice week! Good luck with journey!



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