First, insulate your van, Then, have the best temperature camper trips!!

how to insulate your van

What I did

The difficult thing with this step is that there is a big debate about which product is the best to use. Everyone says something different online as well as offline. Some sources I think are useful: Youtube Jarod (english), internet pagina (Dutch). Thus, after reading a lot and listening to many youtube videos I realised I was just going to have to decide what I thought was best. At the end I decided I wanted to try two different insulation just so I could experience both products and would know which one I like the most if I ever build another van.

I choose noico sound deadening for the walls. Armaflex XG insulation for the floor, ceiling, and wheel box. Both of these products are well known products in the Netherlands. They are easy to get from amazon or at marktplaats  for the Dutchies.

how to insulate your van

Lastly, sheep’s wool for the walls and small spaces. I got mine from groenebouwmaterialen.  I bought way too much, so tip: buy less than you think you need or just calculate correctly haha.

how to insulate your van

In my experience, all three products were really easy to use. Calculate how much you need from each product. When applying, measure the different spaces you want to insulate. Cut the pieces, you can just use a good scissor or Stanley knife. And lastly, stick it to the surface. That’s it, super easy!

The floor needs a little bit more thought. The 3 elements are: slats, your type of insulation, and the subfloor. I bought the slats to fit perfectly in between the (wavy) spaces. Moreover, they need to be a bit higher than after you have put armaflex of the metal floor. This is because you don’t want your subfloor to put pressure on your insulation and it creates a small air space for air circulation. First, clean the surface you are going to use. Glue (bison polymax) the slats to the metal floor. Stick the armaflex onto the metal floor in between the slats. Lastly, put a strong subfloor on top.

how to insulate your van
how to insulate your van

1. It is good to remember where you have put the slats with, this way you can easily secure your subfloor with some screws through the slats.
2. Insulate the wheel box after you have put in the subfloor so you don’t ruin the material when trying to fit it perfectly onto the slats.

What I 'velearned

This is your project. There is sooo much (conflicting) information on insulation. Decide what you want to try, stop doubting yourself and just go for it.

Enjoy. Finally starting this journey, i was very excited! The first real step into building my camper. My mom helped and together we had a fun time.