First, decide what your priorities are.
Then, create your perfect camper layout!

Create your perfect camper Layout

What I did

Firstly, I brainstormed different lay-outs that might work for me. Drawing them out can really help. I thought of sooo many different layouts, but I think I finally found the perfect camper layout for me. There is definitely still a chance that some parts will change, depending on the specific products I’m going to buy for my electrical and plumbing system. But most importantly, the main idea will be similar to this.

1.  When you think of your perfect layout, it can be helpful to draw it out from different perspective

Create your perfect Camper Layout
Create your perfect Camper Layout

Secondly, I thought about what I want my van to look like, design wise. Do I want a wooden cabin look, a traditional camper feeling, all white, or an accent color. All is possible when you are doing your own build. A great way to gain inspiration is by looking at pinterest. My plan is to go mostly for wood with bamboo as my accent wood color. As well as, white walls with blue en orange as my accent colors.

What I've learned

Clear goal. Having a clear idea of what you want is important, however! things will change, be flexible, don’t try to stick to your specific layout (and design) too much. You might think of a better way to do something or a specific product you wanted isn’t available anymore. The best feeling is when you accept the fact things don’t always work out how you want/expect them to and just enjoy the ride. 

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