First, decide where you want them.
Then, create them!

Create holes in your van

What I did

My idea was to get an window that could open on the left side. I made an appoint to get it done. However, two days before the appointment I realized that i didn’t really need an extra window. The window had been a plan a long time before I even started this journey because I had seen many YouTube van conversion videos with the extra window (or more). However those vans were mostly high top vans and in the end I bought a low roof.

In the Netherlands, if you buy a low roof, it is smart to get a pop-up roof because that is one of the criteria to get lower tax payments. Thus, because I already have a window on the right side and I was getting a pop-up roof which also gives extra light and circulation in the van, I decided to cancel the appointment. Plus, less windows means more insulation.

In the end, I only choose to do the pop-up roof. I got mine from cmcnederland. They make their own universal pop-ups. You can get them installed at there’s or you can get a DIY box and do it yourself. I choose the latter because of the queue and then got in contact with a car garage: Auto Service Rhoon (ASR). They installed it and send me photos along the way, which was nice. The pop up roof looks good and if you are looking for a garage and live in Zuid-Holland, I would recommend both of them!

create holes in your van

What I've learned

Business is business. It is okay if you change your mind. I was a bit nerveus to cancel the appointment for the window. I wanted to do it at: He was nice and tried to find a time spot asap in between his other appointments. However, I had to realize this is just business and I was allowed to change your mind. Moreover, they understood the situation and were really nice about it.

A plan is there to change. A step by step guide like the one I made is very useful to help you through the process, but it is important to realize that it is only a guide. Each conversion process will be different, so don’t try to stick to the plan and instead reflect and adapt.

Be on time. It gets busy quickly. Around February, this business field is booming. This is the time everyone starts making plans. A queue will quickly develop, so be early! When I asked around end of January how quickly I could get a pop-up roof and when they could install it, the first time stop would be beginning of march. When I asked beginning of march, it was already end of June. Moreover, some roof top brands the ordering process takes up from 4 to 6 months! So be aware

People want to help. They are not here to make it harder for you. When I realized installing the rooftop would take a couple of months my dad came with the idea to call a couple of car garages and see if they would be willing to help me. Somehow, I had the idea that I would just be a burden to them. However, I realized some of them find it interesting as well and are definitely willing to help.

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