Time to get clean!
Time to create a good base!!

Create a good base

What I did

When creating a good and clear base, the first step is to remove all things that are already in your van. So one of the first things I tried to remove, because it seemed the simplest was the walls. I got a good go at it for the first wall, but the other one was stuck with some special (popnagels for the dutchies – pop rivets in english?) screws I couldn’t get out.

Create a good base

The next thing I tried to remove was the flooring, but quickly realized the floor was secured with glue. Really REALLY STRONG glue. I tried to remove it and succeeded for the biggest part with some toxic glue remover. But it was not enough.

Lastly I tried to remove the partition wall, didn’t work out either because of all the above reasons.

However, I knew I wanted a pop up roof and a garage was going to do that for me. So, I accepted the fact I wasn’t going to be able to do this by myself and concluded that I was going to ask the garage to do it for me.

When I got my car back from the garage, removing the little bit of rust that was there and cleaning the floor and walls with St Marc was easy.

Look at how beautiful!

Create a good base

What I've learned

Don’t forget why you are doing this. It might be stressful, but keep it fun! You have to organize a lot and call many people and it might become stressful and you might face some surprises, but the important thing is to still enjoy the journey. I wanted to build my own camper for a reason. I could’ve just bought an already build camper or traveled by train/plane and stayed in hotels and hostels, but I wanted to experience it this way. To me it seemed like a great opportunity to learn a lot of new things in a fun way. It is! Don’t forget that when you are starting your conversion.

The van conversion step no one talks about. I watched many videos on YouTube on how to convert a van, however the one thing no one mentioned was the step before actually starting your build, called the ‘annoying not so fun removing step’.

Things are build to last. The walls, floors, and partition door are of great quality and were put into my van to last a long time. They were not made to be removed. And this is the case not only for van products but can be connected to many products we use in our day to day life, which can be good, but can also make it harder to recycle.

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