Recommendations June 2021: these are products/art I discovered or rediscovered this month. Hopefully this will give you new inspiration for your next month!



I decided that I want bamboo to be my wood accent in the campervan, and I am not regretting that decision! It looks really beautiful and it looks great with the other colors that I already have in the campervan.

However, I was studip and send them to my adress instead of my moms. The planks were big, so it was a bit of an issue getting them upstairs: not possible. I had to leave them in the hallway where everyone could get them, luckily I have nice neighbours, and get my van from my moms.

Recommendations June 2021 Bamboo

Bullet Journaling

Now that we are allowed to do more, go on adventures and meet up in bigger groups. I’ve started bullet journaling again, because I love going back and seeing what I did and was thinking about.

Read my other blog posts, if you want to know why you should get a bullet journal (while traveling) and get inspired, or look at my pinterest!

Recommendations June 2021 Bullet Journaling
Recommendations June 2021 Bullet Journaling

Scooter Time

Some of my friends and myself had never scootered before, so we made it a mission to do so, and it was a looot of fun!! We didn’t understand how to start it for the first 5 minutes but after that we just went on a little tour in the north of Rotterdam. If you haven’t scootered ever or haven’t done it in awhile, I would definitely recommend. It is fun, plus pretty cheap ‘excursion’ to do on a sunny day.


Most of my time was spend working on my van. The RDW is going to examine my van next week, so all the basics (bed, bench, kitchen, table) have to be done by then. Luckily, it is a lot of fun figuring out each step and building your own tiny home! Plus I’ve had a lot of help from my family and friends which I really appreciate. Definitely couldn’t do it without them.

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