Recommendations June 2021: these are products/art I discovered or rediscovered this month. Hopefully this will give you new inspiration for your next month!



Recommendations July 2021

Me and my friends signed up for the 16 km mudrun, crazy but a lot of fun! So much fun that we are going again in September!! So great that we persuaded more people to join us with because of  our stories!!!

We made personalized tshirts/tops, all with our own quotes. This was almost more fun than the mudrun itself. Some typical run quotes and team names are really funny.  Many people running with as found it just as funny as we did.

16 km sounded way to hard and me and lotte had accepted the fact that we would probably give up halfway through. But it was actually okay, because you had short breaks in between obstacles and you did not have to run for to long each time. Plus, we helped and cheered each other on.

Camper matras

One of the most important elements of converting a camper is the bed, and specifically a great comfortable matras. I got mine from ‘Seminautic‘ in Son en Breugel. When you walk into the building you can see the whole ‘making of the matras’ process.  Their concept is a drive through in which you can have your matras in a short amount of time depending on your matras choice. Their material is specifically made for a camper and they custimize the matras for your camper.