Step 11 - Kitchen

The nice thing with building your own camper kitchen is that you can personalise everything. So, if you want to bring your favourite pan with you, you can! You just have to measure how big each space needs so it is the most efficient use of space for you. So the first thing you need to do is buy the products you want in your van or at least search the precise measurements of the each product. Products you might want in your kitchen are: a fridge/cooler, sink and faucet, jerrycans for your clean and grey water, cutlery drawer, pans and pots. 

After that, you can start with building the main frame and then building the specific spaces for each element. Drawing out a layout of your kitchen can help you stay organised.

Depending on how much experience and which tools you have, you can make it as hard and professional as you want, but you can also keep it simple. Just know you don’t need many tools or experience to create a nice looking kitchen!