Step 10 - Plumbing

How much water will you use? You don’t want to find new water every single day. However, the bigger the water jerrycan, the heavier your van will be. So, find the balance that will work for you.

Do you want hot water in your van? You can keep it simple and just have cold water in your van and heat some water up when you need hot water. Or you can have a water heater in your van. Depends on what your preference.

Do you want an automatic water pump or are you okay with a foot pump? For the first one you need energy, for the other you need some muscles. When you choose for an automatic pump, don’t forget to have a switch so you can turn of your pump when you are not using it. Otherwise water might spill everywhere without you realizing, which you want to avoid. Moisture in your van is dangerous. Also if you can avoid it, don’t put your electrical set up right next to your water set up. Just in case.

After you have used the water, where do you want it to go? Do you want a grey tank in the van? Then you have to take the gray water jerrycan out of your van from time to time and dump it at a dedicated dumping space. You can also put a grey water jerrycan under the car and turn the lid open when you are at the dumping place. Even more luxurious is if you have a switch in your van, which automatically opens the tank. This way you don’t have to get out of you camper, which is especially useful when it is raining. So many options!

In summary, products you need for your water system

  • jerry cans / water tank
  • water pump
  • drink water hose
  • water adhesive tape
  • switch
  • connecter
  • siphon


You might also want a shower. I put these at the end, because I personally did not have them. For me right now this is not a must because it takes a lot of space in an already tiny little van. Sorry if you were planning to build one in your van, but I haven’t researched it enough to give you any advice on this part.

You can also buy a shower for outside, such as camping sun shower or get a more deluxe version.


When looking at toilets, you can get one that is very similar to one in a house. You will need a big watertank for that. But most people go for the other options available.

  • There are pretty cheap ones: just a water bottle haha or you can get a pee bottle.
  • A bit more of an expensive option a Porta Potti
  • Or there are some pretty expensive options such as a composting toilet.