First, buy all the elements,
then, put it together!

Plumbing camper guide

What I did

I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. I didn’t want a shower which already made it a lot easier. I also decided I can live without hot water so I didn’t get a boiler. Plus, I wanted it to be very easy to fill my jerry cans with water and clean out the grey water tank.

In the end, I bought a simple water pump and two jerry cans (13L and 19L) from Obelink.

I bought my sink and faucet from Ikea, so I just followed the directions from those products. You also need to put silicone around the sink to make sure that water can’t get between your sink and the countertop, as well as silicone under your sink.

The last difficult part was figuring out how to connect the water faucet hose and the drinking water hose. In the end, with the help of a nice Hornbach employee, we figured it out: a coupling piece with an easy click garden coupling piece.

Camper guide Plumbing
Camper guide Plumbing

What I've learned

Know the diameter is of your water hose and the faucet hose, you will need that to connect those two. I went to multiple smaller stores and they didn’t have a way to connect the two. So for the dutchies, go to Hornbach, they have a lot of sizes!