First, measure your van,
Then, create your dream kitchen!

camper guide kitchen

What I did

First, make the frame of your kitchen. Then figure out where you want to put the bigger elements such as the sink, water tank, and fridge. I bought the sink and faucet from Ikea, I was surprised at how expensive these two can be. Ikea has some not-too-expensive options that still look nice. The fridge is from isotherm 49L . Lastly, I got a gas burner that is not fixed to the counter because I wanted to be able to cook outside as well. I bought a Cadac 2-cook at OutdoorXL.

Another important point to think about is the layout. Because my pull-out bed goes 2/3 of the way next to the kitchen. I had to think about what is useful to be able to reach when the bed is still in full-bed mode. I put the fridge all the way at the end so I could always get some fruit for example from the fridge when I wake up.

I had ordered two counterblocks for the kitchen because I knew one wouldn’t be enough. I I put the first block lenghtways and the second block depthways, creating a sort of L shaped kitchen. It turned out really great if I can say so myself.

I reused the plank from cutting the holl for the sink and created a cutting board / cover for over sink. So you can hide your dirty dishes as well create more counter space.

(Don’t mind the different colors kitchen doors, I painted the wrong side… so I still have to repaint it another time)

Camper guide ktitchen
Camper guide kitchen
Camper guide kitchen

I put the gastank behind the bamboo wall. The gastank needs to be fastened really really well, but also wanted to be able to remove it for the possibility of cooking outside.

I wanted to lighten the kitchen a bit, so I used a white stain that still shows the wooden look but brightens up the wood.

Plus I wanted the drawers and doors to fall in the frame and not over the frame. Don’t forget to think about that and other small but very important details when you are building your own frame and kitchen.

My mom found these nice baskets to put behind the kitchen door. I can put cloths and washing soap and more, really useful!

Camper guide Kitchen
camper guide kitchen

What I've learned

The frame of the kitchen is very important to get right! Otherwise, everything else you want to do for the kitchen becomes harder. Think of drawers for example.

Measure and measure again. When building drawers measuring the exact space is really really important. Plus measuring twice is also important when you cut out the part for your sink or gas burner in your counter block. Plus don’t forget to make all the holes before securing the counter. Speaking from experience, I forgot the faucet hole.

Read and follow the Ikea steps carefully. I don’t think this needs any further explanation…

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