Maartje Eva


Hello! In September it was my birthday. I don’t really celebrate it, but of course had to do something with my best friends. One of them asked: so what do you really want for your birthday? And I answered something doing with sustainability. And they listened! I got reusable bee-wax wrappers. This you can wrap …

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low impact


Hallo! Last time I left of saying I wanted to learn more about different sustainability within companies. While playing devils advocate: are they really sustainable or is it more green washing? Saying that you are as brand a brand are advocating for sustainability is obviously not the same as actually having a lower impact on …

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Hallo, Bonjour, How it this new lifestyle came into my life. It started on my roadtrip in Norway, a country in which the weather is some times very beautiful and sometimes pretty ugly. Luckily I knew this before I left and thought of downloading some documentaries on one of the known platforms. Most of them …

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